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E.Claire CELEBRATES: Erika and Sarah

Two of our service providers had anniversaries with the company in June. Erika has now been a member of our team for three years, Sarah has been a member for two. We appreciate all of their hard work and dedication to not only their guests but to our team. 

In their years with us they have both learned some valuable lessons. What they’ve learned is very similar but has different meanings to each of them. They have both learned the power of saying no; the lesson that saying no can be out of kindness and respect. 

For Erika saying no allows her to provide the best services to all of her guests. Erika loves to work with hair, skin, and eyelashes. She loves providing all these services for our guests but managing a schedule with these varying services can be delicate. She had to learn to say no, in order to manage her time and best respect the time of all of her guests. It’s never because she does not want to provide a service, or fit her guests’ lives; it’s simply to ensure she can give the best possible experience to every guest in the most efficient way possible. Erika’s best attribute is the relaxing atmosphere she creates for you, this comes with knowing exactly where your service will take you. 

For Sarah learning to say no gave her back her freedom and her life. She has learned that she can provide excellent service and give her guests the most by sometimes saying no. Sarah actually works fewer hours with our company than she did before, but she has learned to better manage her guests needs and their time together. She has her life back, she gets to enjoy her time at work with her guests because she also has time to rest and enjoy her life. We love Sarah’s fun and bright personality and we love that she can always come with that contagious energy. 

Hopefully a look into these lessons can help you too! The balancing act of life can be very difficult and the only way to truly keep the scales balanced is to say no. We hope everyone knows the love and kindness that can come with the power of no. 

Until next time,

E.Claire Spalon

E.Claire CELEBRATES: Erika and Sarah
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