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Self Care Sunday Ep. 1

IS it really Selfish to selfcare?

How often have you set aside time for you, and then spent the entire time regretting it? Like the various stages of grief, it’s more painful to have the “self care” time than to just grit through something….right?
When did we begin living in a society where it became socially acceptable to take care of everyone but ourselves? Yet, personally, I would really rather not have someone “take care” of me. Doesn’t that mean I have to take care of myself first? Why does this feel so backwards?
What if we made taking care of ourselves a priority to make other’s lives easier? What if we became the first on the list to show our kids, families, and friends that loving ourselves first, means we love them more?
“Clear is Kind” is from Brene Brown’s book Daring Leaders. I LOVE THIS PHRASE. Both for others and myself. If I can clearly define the times I need for me, that fit my schedule now, I will feel less guilty. If I can clearly define to myself that I really can’t stretch thin for three months in a row, I will find the times within the busy to focus on me.
Sometimes we have the luxury of getting two hours every four to six weeks to sit and chat with someone. Sometimes life just takes over and you don’t see your bestie for three months because you both have kids and new-ish businesses. What if you could carve out 5-10 minutes for you? What would that look like?
More importantly, who could you take better care of by showing them that being selfish is really being selfless?

Self Care Sunday Ep. 1
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