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Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday and Coffee

Self Care Sunday Ep. 2

Does it feel like “self care” is being screamed from the roof tops to anyone else? Usually tied to an ad or a shortcut promised to bring immediate relief…
I’m conflicted because I believe self care is the most important way to give back to others. I love that a lot of places are jumping on the bandwagon. BUUUUUUUUUUT it is overwhelming, a lot of work, and the choices are always, always tied to monies. What if you found what worked for you?
In the next few weeks, I will bring my favorite “self” care tips. None of them have any science based facts. Nothing other than feeling better, happier even.
This week I want to focus on journaling. Self care doesn’t always have to mean someone else pampering you. Sometimes getting alllll those jumbled thoughts onto paper has a freedom of its own. As a recovering perfectionist, I couldn’t sit to write unless I had all the periods in the right place or the correct conjugations….even in my own journal. Way to take the fun out of self care, right? It turned right into self deprecation within the first 30 seconds every time. To the point I would convince myself I was a terrible writer and never deserved to grace a piece of paper again. (Did I mention I could be a bit dramatic…)
Then I learned of something called free writing. Legit, no strings attached writing. You don’t even have to reread it if you don’t want to. Just pen and paper and thoughts. The first thing that comes to mind gets written down, into the next thought. So on and so forth. No one needs to read this, so the thoughts get to be truly free. How do you feel after? Did you make the five minutes? Can you go longer?
I love taking five minutes before the kid and wife wake up to free write. It can be vision writing, ranting, mumbling, or all of the above. The journaling time gives me a few moments “away from it all” to process me. This allows me to give so much more of myself. When will you give yourself the gift of 5 minutes?

Self Care Sunday
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