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Self Care Sunday 3

Do you every feel like you can take on the world in the morning? Then you wonder where the day went by bedtime? These are my current feels. I woke up today ready to tackle the world and now I am trying to figure out if I was useful as a human being today. What did I do successfully?

I am sitting at a table in the lobby of a hotel with my dinner still scattered next to me, my notes on my right, and feeling like I wasted today. Just a waste of space. But that is only my perception, not my reality. Sometimes self care is about learning to let go of the times we berate ourselves based on the expectations we woke up with.

After taking 3 deep breaths, three count in, hold three, and then three count out….I am seeing things a bit more clearly. I have accomplished what I needed to do today. Not what I wanted to. That doesn’t make me a failure. That means I set my expectations too high for myself. Again.

Now to walk myself through the letting go promise and forgive myself. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if it was anyone else. I wouldn’t hold it against them. I would remind them they got this and have them list what they did do. And have them find one thing they were grateful for. Even the tiniest of things.

Can you make a list of things you accomplished today? They don’t have to be big. Today I accomplished getting to the airport on time, the dogs to doggie daycare, the kitties to Uncle Chuck and Aunt Blessing, remembering to rent the car before landing, not getting frustrated at the rental counter (this is a big win for me), checked in with a few friends, and made a new acquaintance that reminded me life is about human connection. I am almost done with the program for tomorrow. This is my break. Have you given yourself one today? Even if only setting a timer for 5 minutes to do so?

I am grateful that I have a company that let’s me write blogs for them. I am grateful I have a family that loves our animals as much as we do. I am grateful for those willing to coach me from afar. I am ridiculously grateful for my new friend with new perspectives.

Can you turn your day around with 3 breaths, listing your accomplishments, finding something to be grateful for, and walking away from the chaos even if for a moment. Now the challenge: will you share those wins with me? The gratitude?

Self Care Sunday 3
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