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Self Care Sunday Crash


Do it. Crash into the couch with Netflix. Snuggle your pups, kid, kittens…plants. Whatever you need. Close the light blocking curtains like it blocks out the world. Turn your phone to silent and leave it in another room. Don’t shower. Don’t change into “real clothes.” Take two naps. One with just one pup on your feet. Then the other when the kid snuggles into your bed an hour later. And the kittens realize they need one too. She won’t be 11 forever.
Take a day to fully let your mind and body re-charge. Crash.

I’d been foggy for two days. Doing the bare minimum to get by and stay positive. Sleep felt like a drug I couldn’t get enough of. Food was palatable and depression was deliriously close. I caught myself becoming snippy to my closest loves. Those I reserve my rawest moments for. Finally by Friday afternoon I was 4 coffees, a Redbull deep and couldn’t even remember what time to pick up the kittens. (The time was on a post it, in a text, AND on a reminder….)

How often to “push through” thinking it’s what we need to do? And then when we “crash” we spend the whole day feeling guilty? The house didn’t get cleaned. The kid was fed, watered, teeth brushed, and loved. But the day felt good. It restored my soul. My body ready to tackle the week. I’ve done more this morning than I’ve accomplished in the last week combined. Yet I regret nothing. I would do it all again in the same order.

Everyone is still alive. The kid, the wife, and the team all still kicking. I didn’t do anything perfect last week. Hell, I’m realizing how “behind” I am today. And by behind I mean to the standards I set for myself. I can change those. But I stayed intentional in each moment, with each person-the best of my abilities. I communicated my needs and boundaries. And those my friends, is my wins.

Here’s my challenge to you: do you know what your down time is worth? Do you take the time to plan it into your schedule? How do you crash?

Savor the down time. Your 11 year old will only snuggle pile for so long….

Self Care Sunday Crash
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