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Salon Emotion

We recently had the Salon Emotion program in house for our team. This program focuses on how our guests experience a salon visit and how to improve that experience. We strive to not only meet our guests’ expectations but to give them the very best experience possible. If something seems different during your next visit we might be implementing some new systems to help us ensure the most enjoyable and efficient visit; if you have any questions about what seems new please ask us! 

Our team had many discoveries during this program. One team member loved the discovery that all people really want is to just be listened to; truly listened to and understood. Another team member loved the idea of making everything as personalized for her individual guests as possible. Many of us realized just how much we all support one another, and what a great Spalon family we’ve created. We also discovered a lot discussing how we can serve people out of empathy and how different that could make not only our guests’ experience but our own. 

A huge topic of the day was consultations. We learned that only 7 percent of salon guests across the US feel that they have a consultation. Meanwhile 97 percent of service providers say they give consultations. That is a pretty huge disconnect in communication. If you have ever been a guest at E.Claire you know we strive to give excellent consultations. However hearing this statistic made us all realize we may not be giving full consultations to every person we serve; or that we may not be going in depth enough on our consultations. If you are ever in Spalon with us and your not sure if you’ve had a consultation, or maybe you wish you could have asked us more questions please stop us, and let us know that you need to talk with us some more before we big your service. 

Until Next Time,

E.Claire Spalon

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