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Say yes- to you.

Self care Sunday can happen any day of the week. Utilizing Sunday as a reset day is a fabulous way to set yourself up for success. Skip the makeup, wear a hat you feel good in, put on clean clothes and say yes to coffee with an out of town friend.

This weekend I have been able to reset myself. And there are so many facets to us as humans. That is what makes us so fascinating! Friday my wife kidnapped me to St. Louis. With a ridiculous travel schedule and trying to create an empire, and juggle time with our kiddo, our time is always on the back burner. Always. TBH, most of the time it doesn’t phase me. But we needed time in a place with no phones, no social media, no content creation, a space to truly rejuvenate our weary souls.

I’d love to tell you about all the things we did, but it really doesn’t matter. What we didn’t do is way more important. We didn’t answer emails or text messages. We didn’t take our phones into the places we visited. We didn’t talk about what needed to be done that week. Our time was filled with solving the worlds problems, being in the moment, and allowing others to create a space for healing for us.

Now before you check out with all the reasons you can’t, lemme tell you why I believe it’s so important. I woke up this morning feeling like I could take on the world. Chris walked out from one of our appointments ready to run a marathon. We take care of a lot of people. Our unified mission to take care of those we love. We cannot take care of them if our minds are cluttered and our bodies stressed. Living in a reactionary space doesn’t allow us to serve with open minds or create space for others.

If you are living to serve others, and you love those around you- why not set the example? Show them it is ok to be “selfish” and what that looks like in a healthy setting. Most often, we would be ok with anyone else doing a getaway or turning off their phone for just 24 hours, yet we don’t allow ourselves. How can we live a life of double expectations?

Say yes. Yes to the things that make you a little uncomfortable. Say yes, to more moments with the friends you enjoy and miss. Say yes, to hard things like self care. Say yes to shutting out the world. Say yes, to your soul.

Monkey see, monkey do. What do you want for the circus in your life?

Say yes- to you.
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