100% Satisfaction

Our satisfaction is based on the pleasant feelings you get when you receive something you wanted.

Our 100% Guarantee to you: 
We believe mistakes and miscommunication go hand in hand. We would love to know if you believe we have not lived up to our Mission Statement, our Uniqueness, or were unhappy.
Our services are guaranteed. We will happily redo the service at no cost to you! If you would prefer a new stylist, we can easily accommodate that as well! We understand that sometimes people are not a good fit for each other and will work to find a better fit for YOU.

Our products are guaranteed. Don’t let it clutter your cabinet or go to waste! If you are not in LOVE with the product, bring it in to receive another product you will love. We know how important it is to be in love with your products or you won’t use them.

Our color, nail, facials, and eyelash services are money back guaranteed only when our professional products have been purchased.