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Anyone interested in hair on your wedding day! This can include mothers and flower girls/boys!
Anyone interested in makeup on your wedding day! This can include mothers and flower girls/boys!
This is pricing for the bride ONLY.


Do you offer trials for hair and/or makeup?
A trial is an efficient way for the bride to meet our stylists. It is a 1-hour, trial preview for the bride, which is included with your deposit. We also offer a 2-hour, full service makeup and hair, for an additional $70. If you would like multiple looks, your reservation will be 3 hours, for an additional $90. Your preview preference needs to be decided at the time scheduling to ensure the stylists has adequate time. We would also love your Pinterest page to see what you see! Other party members are also welcome to book trial runs, but will need to do so separately and are not included in the package price.
How much does it cost?
We have a beauty budget for almost every bride! If you are not looking at a bridal party it could be as little as $133 for hair and makeup. A bridal party of six could be upwards of $2000 for hair, makeup, facials, eyelash extensions. It is free to schedule a consultation to customize your package to your bridal budget.
How long does it take?
The excitment of getting ready with your bridal party should last between 3 and 4 hours. We love coordinating with photographers to make it the smoothest part of your day.
What does it include?
Your personal bridal beauty consultant will help navigate your day. We offer this service complimentary to our guests.  Our services are catered to your needs. We offer simple looks to glam hair and makeup.  You will also receive a customized plan leading up to your special day.
Do you travel?
We love to travel! It will depend on how many are in your bridal party. Any party under 4 we recommend coming to the salon. We do not charge for travel to Garden Grove Event Center!
Do you have a beauty timeline?

____ 1yr-6 months

Book YOUR wedding day for the bridal party! (May-October are the hardest months to book)

____ 3 Months

Have a special color idea in mind for the big day? Your stylist will help you schedule your appointments for your best look!

Do you have a plan for your partner?


____1-2 Months

Schedule your trial for up to 2 weeks before your big day.

Don’t forget your nail appointments. Facials are great prep during this time.


____1-2 Weeks

May we suggest coloring your hair the week prior to the wedding.

Any waxing services should be done a week before your wedding.

____2-3 Days

Any Spray tanning should be done during this time.

This would also be a great time for any with a clipper cut to get a fresh cut or lined up.