E.Claire NEW: G.M. Collins

We are excited to announce the incorporation of G.M. Collins Skin Care systems to our service menu! To be honest with all of you, we are changing companies because we like getting (and passing along) what we are promised. Other systems we’ve used have failed to educate our team, and continue to educate and support our team. Now, you’re wondering how will this be different? Don’t worry, we asked that too. 

G.M. Collins has already proven to be different in a couple different ways. First, we asked around to some other salons and salon spas we trust from around the country. Everyone we asked agreed that this company, their systems, and their products were some of the best they had experienced. Also, we’ve already had a great experience with one of the representatives. She took extra time to discuss with us what exactly our current guest list would need, so she could make sure to set us up successfully. She also asked what type of services we wanted to grow, so we aren’t left hanging when you ask for that new treatment. No other company we’ve experienced has taken that much care with us in the beginning. We will also have a specific educator that connects with our Spalon, we will be able to send specific questions and get real answers.

To share a little about G.M. Collins, they started as a skin care system specifically for burn victims. Their focus has always been to repair the skin, help it regenerate, and do so gently. Our skin is living; it’s the largest organ of our bodies and they actually get that. They are also a Canadian and US company, which is a cool thing because Canada tends to be more strict on ingredients and testing; that means we are getting the purest substances possible. In their mission statement they say one of their goals is to help everyone find their unique beauty and complete self confidence. That’s an idea we are already behind; something we already believe in. 

In case you couldn’t tell we are all super excited to be introducing this new Skin Care system and cannot wait for you to experience it with us. It will truly be skin changing. 

Until Next Time,

E.Claire Spalon

E. Claire NEWs

E.Claire CELEBRATES: New Hires & Promotions

You know we are all about celebrating at E.Claire Spalon and this September we have some serious celebrating to do! First, we want to give a big welcome to our new team members Jodi and Liz. We are so excited to have new members of our team joining us; we can’t wait to see what magical creatures you two become. We also have to give a huge “whoop, whoop” to Jennifer, who has earned her level 2 promotion. She is crushing the dedication to her guests and her team! If you see her please help us give her a big Congratulations.

A little bit about our new team members and why you should be pumped to meet them too. Jodi has been working in the industry for one year now, and really loves creating beautiful hairstyles. She is most excited to learn more about hair extensions. She loves pugs and has one named Bella. Jodi enjoys spending her spare time shopping. Liz is joining us immediately after graduation. She will be working through our Associate Program with Sarah and Erika to gain her Master’s level education. Liz’s passion is doing nail enhancement services. Liz loves to adopt animals and spend her extra time baking. 

New Massage Therapist

Introducing Meghan LMT

We’d like to take a moment and introduce the newest member of our team, Meghan. She has been a practicing massage therapist for one year and joined our team in June. She always has a bright smile and her favorite part of the field is making others feel better. She had this to say about why she loves her career, “So many go with aches, simple pains not realizing how wonderful massage can be for their lives.” 

We asked what she was most excited for in her career; she replied, “…growing with a wonderful tribe and amazing company. I look forward not to work but seeing wonderful individuals everyday and that is a blessing.” We love that too and are so excited to have her as another member of our team! 

A hobby she enjoys is collecting crystals; we can’t wait to learn more about those! One thing she loves is enjoying morning coffee with her husband before the kiddos are up and around. We all love her helpful nature, ability to laugh when we make mistakes, and positive light she brings. We can’t wait for you all to meet her, and to see what wonderful things our future holds. 

Until next time,

E.Claire Spalon