E.Claire NEW: G.M. Collins

We are excited to announce the incorporation of G.M. Collins Skin Care systems to our service menu! To be honest with all of you, we are changing companies because we like getting (and passing along) what we are promised. Other systems we’ve used have failed to educate our team, and continue to educate and support our team. Now, you’re wondering how will this be different? Don’t worry, we asked that too. 

G.M. Collins has already proven to be different in a couple different ways. First, we asked around to some other salons and salon spas we trust from around the country. Everyone we asked agreed that this company, their systems, and their products were some of the best they had experienced. Also, we’ve already had a great experience with one of the representatives. She took extra time to discuss with us what exactly our current guest list would need, so she could make sure to set us up successfully. She also asked what type of services we wanted to grow, so we aren’t left hanging when you ask for that new treatment. No other company we’ve experienced has taken that much care with us in the beginning. We will also have a specific educator that connects with our Spalon, we will be able to send specific questions and get real answers.

To share a little about G.M. Collins, they started as a skin care system specifically for burn victims. Their focus has always been to repair the skin, help it regenerate, and do so gently. Our skin is living; it’s the largest organ of our bodies and they actually get that. They are also a Canadian and US company, which is a cool thing because Canada tends to be more strict on ingredients and testing; that means we are getting the purest substances possible. In their mission statement they say one of their goals is to help everyone find their unique beauty and complete self confidence. That’s an idea we are already behind; something we already believe in. 

In case you couldn’t tell we are all super excited to be introducing this new Skin Care system and cannot wait for you to experience it with us. It will truly be skin changing. 

Until Next Time,

E.Claire Spalon

Self Care Sunday 3

Do you every feel like you can take on the world in the morning? Then you wonder where the day went by bedtime? These are my current feels. I woke up today ready to tackle the world and now I am trying to figure out if I was useful as a human being today. What did I do successfully?

I am sitting at a table in the lobby of a hotel with my dinner still scattered next to me, my notes on my right, and feeling like I wasted today. Just a waste of space. But that is only my perception, not my reality. Sometimes self care is about learning to let go of the times we berate ourselves based on the expectations we woke up with.

After taking 3 deep breaths, three count in, hold three, and then three count out….I am seeing things a bit more clearly. I have accomplished what I needed to do today. Not what I wanted to. That doesn’t make me a failure. That means I set my expectations too high for myself. Again.

Now to walk myself through the letting go promise and forgive myself. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if it was anyone else. I wouldn’t hold it against them. I would remind them they got this and have them list what they did do. And have them find one thing they were grateful for. Even the tiniest of things.

Can you make a list of things you accomplished today? They don’t have to be big. Today I accomplished getting to the airport on time, the dogs to doggie daycare, the kitties to Uncle Chuck and Aunt Blessing, remembering to rent the car before landing, not getting frustrated at the rental counter (this is a big win for me), checked in with a few friends, and made a new acquaintance that reminded me life is about human connection. I am almost done with the program for tomorrow. This is my break. Have you given yourself one today? Even if only setting a timer for 5 minutes to do so?

I am grateful that I have a company that let’s me write blogs for them. I am grateful I have a family that loves our animals as much as we do. I am grateful for those willing to coach me from afar. I am ridiculously grateful for my new friend with new perspectives.

Can you turn your day around with 3 breaths, listing your accomplishments, finding something to be grateful for, and walking away from the chaos even if for a moment. Now the challenge: will you share those wins with me? The gratitude?

E. Claire NEWs

E.Claire CELEBRATES: New Hires & Promotions

You know we are all about celebrating at E.Claire Spalon and this September we have some serious celebrating to do! First, we want to give a big welcome to our new team members Jodi and Liz. We are so excited to have new members of our team joining us; we can’t wait to see what magical creatures you two become. We also have to give a huge “whoop, whoop” to Jennifer, who has earned her level 2 promotion. She is crushing the dedication to her guests and her team! If you see her please help us give her a big Congratulations.

A little bit about our new team members and why you should be pumped to meet them too. Jodi has been working in the industry for one year now, and really loves creating beautiful hairstyles. She is most excited to learn more about hair extensions. She loves pugs and has one named Bella. Jodi enjoys spending her spare time shopping. Liz is joining us immediately after graduation. She will be working through our Associate Program with Sarah and Erika to gain her Master’s level education. Liz’s passion is doing nail enhancement services. Liz loves to adopt animals and spend her extra time baking. 

Bodyography Makeup

Favorites line up!

Why Bodyography?

We <3 alll of the things below. They also give us education in our OWN spalon company! And their products feel good on our skin! Our team believes that better ingredients and better education are the ways we can serve you BEST!

Liz’s favorite part is that the product is buildable. This means that your looks can range from simple and soft to vibrant and holy cow! Everything from the foundation to the eyeshadows have the capacity to give you multiple looks in the same week. Jodi is in love with the glitter pigment. The softness of these are suitable for all age groups.

The educator, Bethany, was open with the team. From her personal life to professional, she was transparent and real. Her tips for color correcting skin tones was on point. They learned how to blend blemishes or red noses, without feeling cakey. Feeling beautiful with makeup shouldn’t feel like you are wearing anything.

The Bodyography Mission

Bodyography is proud to be 100% CRUELTY-FREE!

Bodyography Professional Cosmetics and Bodyography SKIN are proudly PETA certified cruelty-free. Our products are never tested on animals during ANY stage of development or production. We love our furry friends just the way they are, and we’re fully committed to their well-being! As such, we do not allow third parties to conduct animal testing on our behalf, and we do not sell our products in markets where animal testing is required.

In addition to being cruelty-free, we believe in keeping our products as clean as possible without compromising performance. For that reason, we offer a wide variety of products that are Vegan and free of Gluten, Parabens, Talc, and Mineral Oil. We use only the finest, most effective ingredients, and we’re constantly on the lookout for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to infuse within our formulas.

Bodyography is an ethically conscious brand. In 2016, we redesigned all of our packaging to lower our plastic consumption. By eliminating caps and incorporating airless pumping technologies, we have successfully reduced our plastic usage by 35%. As we move forward, we continue to challenge ourselves to further reduce our impact on the environment.

Peyton applying makeup to Jodi during our Bodyography class in spalon.

Self Care Sunday Ep. 1

IS it really Selfish to selfcare?

How often have you set aside time for you, and then spent the entire time regretting it? Like the various stages of grief, it’s more painful to have the “self care” time than to just grit through something….right?
When did we begin living in a society where it became socially acceptable to take care of everyone but ourselves? Yet, personally, I would really rather not have someone “take care” of me. Doesn’t that mean I have to take care of myself first? Why does this feel so backwards?
What if we made taking care of ourselves a priority to make other’s lives easier? What if we became the first on the list to show our kids, families, and friends that loving ourselves first, means we love them more?
“Clear is Kind” is from Brene Brown’s book Daring Leaders. I LOVE THIS PHRASE. Both for others and myself. If I can clearly define the times I need for me, that fit my schedule now, I will feel less guilty. If I can clearly define to myself that I really can’t stretch thin for three months in a row, I will find the times within the busy to focus on me.
Sometimes we have the luxury of getting two hours every four to six weeks to sit and chat with someone. Sometimes life just takes over and you don’t see your bestie for three months because you both have kids and new-ish businesses. What if you could carve out 5-10 minutes for you? What would that look like?
More importantly, who could you take better care of by showing them that being selfish is really being selfless?

Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday and Coffee

Self Care Sunday Ep. 2

Does it feel like “self care” is being screamed from the roof tops to anyone else? Usually tied to an ad or a shortcut promised to bring immediate relief…
I’m conflicted because I believe self care is the most important way to give back to others. I love that a lot of places are jumping on the bandwagon. BUUUUUUUUUUT it is overwhelming, a lot of work, and the choices are always, always tied to monies. What if you found what worked for you?
In the next few weeks, I will bring my favorite “self” care tips. None of them have any science based facts. Nothing other than feeling better, happier even.
This week I want to focus on journaling. Self care doesn’t always have to mean someone else pampering you. Sometimes getting alllll those jumbled thoughts onto paper has a freedom of its own. As a recovering perfectionist, I couldn’t sit to write unless I had all the periods in the right place or the correct conjugations….even in my own journal. Way to take the fun out of self care, right? It turned right into self deprecation within the first 30 seconds every time. To the point I would convince myself I was a terrible writer and never deserved to grace a piece of paper again. (Did I mention I could be a bit dramatic…)
Then I learned of something called free writing. Legit, no strings attached writing. You don’t even have to reread it if you don’t want to. Just pen and paper and thoughts. The first thing that comes to mind gets written down, into the next thought. So on and so forth. No one needs to read this, so the thoughts get to be truly free. How do you feel after? Did you make the five minutes? Can you go longer?
I love taking five minutes before the kid and wife wake up to free write. It can be vision writing, ranting, mumbling, or all of the above. The journaling time gives me a few moments “away from it all” to process me. This allows me to give so much more of myself. When will you give yourself the gift of 5 minutes?

Summer of Brides

Alexis Cavender‎ to E. Claire Spalon ·  “I highly recommend this salon for all your bridal needs! I received incredible customer service from beginning to end! I had two spray tans, a bridal trial, and a day of bridal package with this salon and was extremely pleased with every aspect. They made me feel so special and even adapted to last minute changes in my wedding needs. Erika and Jennifer are incredibly gifted! Please see the attached photo for proof of their skill and service!”

One of our favorite things to do is style bridal parties, and this spring we enjoyed styling three different weddings. First and foremost, we’d like to again say congratulations to Alexis, Maria, and Zoe! We wish you all a lifetime of happiness. 

You might wonder why we enjoy working weddings as much as we do. Well, for each of us it’s a bit different but it’s safe to say that we all love the extra creativity. We also enjoy the change of scenery and getting to just be part of the fun of a wedding day. Another aspect of the day that we all enjoy is the bit of extra challenge that comes with creating a unique, personalized, cohesive look for the bridal party. Our favorite part of Alexis’ wedding was getting to style a groomsman; it’s rare that the guys allow us to help and we had extra fun creating a sleek “man-bun” style. With Maria’s wedding we loved that they were incorporating fresh flowers into their looks. We loved Zoe’s groups relaxed vibe, we had as much fun as the bridal party did!

Our main goal for any and every bridal party is that every member feels as confident as possible so they can all enjoy the event together without worrying about their looks. We also schedule our prep time to be completed in a four hour time frame, which can make a huge impact on the timing of your day. The bridal team loves working weddings and helping dreams come true, if you’re planning a wedding and are looking for a beauty team we’d love to meet you! 

Teaching Spalon Company

E.Claire Salon is a teaching salon company. You’re probably wondering what exactly that means, right? It means many different things, and shows in many different ways. Mostly it means that learning and growing are a core value for every service provider in our company. Sometimes it looks like this photo, efficiently working together to provide the best, speediest service for a guest. This is what our associate program really is, working side by side learning from one another. It is teamwork, not being an assistant. Stay tuned for other updates about what exactly it means to be a teaching salon company. If you’re a student in the beauty industry and this sounds like fun visit https://www.eclairesalon.com/hair-massage-nail-jobs/ to apply with us! ⠀

New Massage Therapist

Introducing Meghan LMT

We’d like to take a moment and introduce the newest member of our team, Meghan. She has been a practicing massage therapist for one year and joined our team in June. She always has a bright smile and her favorite part of the field is making others feel better. She had this to say about why she loves her career, “So many go with aches, simple pains not realizing how wonderful massage can be for their lives.” 

We asked what she was most excited for in her career; she replied, “…growing with a wonderful tribe and amazing company. I look forward not to work but seeing wonderful individuals everyday and that is a blessing.” We love that too and are so excited to have her as another member of our team! 

A hobby she enjoys is collecting crystals; we can’t wait to learn more about those! One thing she loves is enjoying morning coffee with her husband before the kiddos are up and around. We all love her helpful nature, ability to laugh when we make mistakes, and positive light she brings. We can’t wait for you all to meet her, and to see what wonderful things our future holds. 

Until next time,

E.Claire Spalon

E.Claire CELEBRATES: Erika and Sarah

Two of our service providers had anniversaries with the company in June. Erika has now been a member of our team for three years, Sarah has been a member for two. We appreciate all of their hard work and dedication to not only their guests but to our team. 

In their years with us they have both learned some valuable lessons. What they’ve learned is very similar but has different meanings to each of them. They have both learned the power of saying no; the lesson that saying no can be out of kindness and respect. 

For Erika saying no allows her to provide the best services to all of her guests. Erika loves to work with hair, skin, and eyelashes. She loves providing all these services for our guests but managing a schedule with these varying services can be delicate. She had to learn to say no, in order to manage her time and best respect the time of all of her guests. It’s never because she does not want to provide a service, or fit her guests’ lives; it’s simply to ensure she can give the best possible experience to every guest in the most efficient way possible. Erika’s best attribute is the relaxing atmosphere she creates for you, this comes with knowing exactly where your service will take you. 

For Sarah learning to say no gave her back her freedom and her life. She has learned that she can provide excellent service and give her guests the most by sometimes saying no. Sarah actually works fewer hours with our company than she did before, but she has learned to better manage her guests needs and their time together. She has her life back, she gets to enjoy her time at work with her guests because she also has time to rest and enjoy her life. We love Sarah’s fun and bright personality and we love that she can always come with that contagious energy. 

Hopefully a look into these lessons can help you too! The balancing act of life can be very difficult and the only way to truly keep the scales balanced is to say no. We hope everyone knows the love and kindness that can come with the power of no. 

Until next time,

E.Claire Spalon