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Some Wax Facts

  • Did you know that products with Retinol can mess with your brow shaping or lip wax?
    • Please let us know when you fill out your wax forms so that we can take care of your skin. 
  • I think I want to start body waxing, what’s the best way to do it?
    • Stop shaving 3-4 weeks before your reservation. We recommend starting this process in winter or beginning of spring where you are less likely to be aware of how long your body hair is. Once on a regular waxing schedule, you won’t notice your hair growing out as much do to the softness compared to shaving. 
  • When should I schedule my wax before my vacation or big event? 
    • Scheduling it 24-48 hours before you leave will make sure any redness is gone. Scheduling two sessions before your event/vacation will make your wax life happiest. Hair doesn’t grow at the same rate after shaving. It takes two sessions to be able to even that out. Roughly plan for session 1 at 5-8 weeks before, then the second session 24-48 hours before the event/vacation. 
  • How do I prep my skin for body waxing? 
    • Using a sugar scrub without alcohol the day before your reservation will help exfoliate and moisturize. This will reduce ingrown hairs and create a smoother wax result! Follow with a moisturizer also with no alcohol. Alcohol dries out the skin and can make waxing more painful. We offer Ruth and John’s, a full line of sugar scrubs and lotions with no alcohol in our spalon. 
  • When can I be in the sun after a wax? 
    • Pleeeeeeaaaaaaase wait 24 hours to lay in a tanning bed or expose your skin to the sun. The top layer of your skin is extremely fragile after a wax and could burn easily. We believe in this so much we have you sign a waiver in case you don’t believe us. 
  • How do I take care of my body wax? 
    • Using witch hazel to calm the area waxed after the service. Then once a week using a sugar scrub to be able to keep the skin soft, moisturized, and ingrown hairs under control. 

Brow  $16-26

Lip $11-21

Chin $11-21

Full Face  $25-35

Under Arms $34-52

Bikini $34-52

Brazilian $84-99

Half Leg;  knee down $26-41

Full Leg;  no bikini $64-79

Full Leg;  with bikini $54-70

Men’s Back $42-57

Men’s Chest $42-57

Men’s Stomach $39-54

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