Novalash Eyelash Extensions $135+

Individual lash extensions

Novalash Refill Eyelash Extensions $45+

This will depend on how often you return and how much your lashes shed.

Eyelash Tint $35

Tinting your lashes

Eyelash lift $35

Make your natural eyelashes curl

What are Novalash Extensions?

NovaLash Lash Extensions are a glamorous new way to extend the length and thickness of natural eyelashes, and are a practical, convenient and beautiful alternative to the daily use of mascara. Unlike decades-old, traditional false lashes, lash extensions are the first innovation in lash lengthening that can be worn daily, without nightly removal. Because each tapered, synthetic lash is bonded to a single natural lash, the final result is of effortless glamour and difficult to detect even close up.

Why would I tint my lashes?

Are you tired of waking up with raccoon-mascara eyes? Are you short on time in the mornings but want to look like you are wearing mascara? Are your lashes blonde? Tinting your lashes can help! Our tint colors come in blue, purple, brown, and black! (We can even special order other colors!)

My eyes are sensitive, could this work for me?

We would love to say yes! But each person is unique. Please schedule a no strings attached consultation so we can take better care of you.

How long do they really last?

When properly applied, using Platinum Bond Adhesive, NovaLash lash extensions can be worn throughout the year with minimal monthly maintenance. Touch-ups are recommended after the initial full set application to refill any lashes that have cycled out. To maintain the full, thick appearance of a new set of lashes a visit to your beauty/lash professional is recommended every 4 weeks based on your own natural lash growth cycle. Click here to see the NovaLash Challenge.

Can lash extensions harm natural lashes?

When applied properly, lash extensions will not harm natural lashes. The NovaLash application technique allows natural lashes to grow and thrive with extensions. This technique requires several different “separation” steps during the application process so each extension is adhered to a single natural lash in order to prevent interruption of the lash growth cycle.

Can mascara be worn with lash extensions?

Mascara is typically not needed with lash extensions. Mascara should only be used when a touch-up is drawing near. Water-soluble mascara can be worn; however constant use of mascara may shorten the lifespan of lashes. Waterproof mascara is not recommended for use, as it will dissolve the bond with the lashes. NovaLash glycol and carbonate free mascara is specifically formulated for use on extensions without interfering with the adhesive. Click here to view NovaLash’s glycol and carbonate free mascara.

Proper care for Lashes:

Nightly conditioning is necessary to maximize the life of the extensions. NovaLash’s nighttime conditioning/cleansing pads are perfect for cleaning the lashes free of any makeup or debris while moisturizing the lashes to maintain flexibility. Using a lash wand to comb the lashes free of tangles is also recommended. You shouldn’t leave a hair salon without top of the line hair products – same with your lashes!

How do I know which enhancement is best for me?

Deciding which lash enhancement can be difficult, some important factors to consider are desired result, lifestyle, and desired maintenance timing. Our Spalon professionals can help with this decision.

What are eyelash extensions?

True eyelash extensions are single fiber artificial eyelashes with a tapered tip and blunt base. They are intended to be applied one at a time to one single natural eyelash hair.

What is an eyelash lift?

A safe and easy way to temporarily curl or straighten lashes. Lash lifts are a fantastic way to highlight your natural lashes with low-maintenance and minimal commitment.

How long does it take?

Eyelash Extensions require an initial installation time of 2.5 hours. Maintenance sessions range from one hour to 1.5 hours depending on the condition of the lashes.

A lash lift or tint requires 30 minutes of your time; if the services are being performed together they require 45 minutes to 1 hour.

How long do the enhancements last?

Eyelash extensions remain adhered to the natural eyelash until it completes the growth cycle and sheds from the eye. Maintenance sessions are recommended every 3-4 weeks to ensure lashes remain full and healthy.

Eyelash lifts, tints, or lift & tint services last an average of 5 weeks.

How do I prepare for a lash enhancement service?

Please come with a clean, makeup-free face and wearing comfortable clothing, you will be laying down for the duration of your service. For an eyelash extension installation, some people enjoy having their favorite blanket, audiobook, or music selection to stay relaxed.

How do I take care of my lashes after an enhancement service?

Eyelash extensions require a bit more care than natural lashes. We recommend taking home the NovaLash Aftercare kit to make your life as easy as possible. Lash extensions must be cleansed, conditioned, and detangled daily to keep your eyes healthy and lashes looking beautiful. Maintenance sessions are required every 3-4 weeks.

Eyelash lift & tint enhancements can be worn and cared for like your normal lashes. They cannot be gotten wet for the first 24 hours following your service.