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Frequently asked questions about E. Claire Beauty + Wellness Collaborative

Who is E. Claire looking for?

E. Claire is looking for open minded individuals that are interested in fueling their purpose and passion. Your happiness is key to our success as a whole. 

What beauty and wellness positions does E. Claire hire for?

Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Barber, Nail Technician, Licensed Massage Therapist, Makeup Artist, Lash Technician, Yoga Teacher, and other licensed wellness vocations. 

Does E. Claire accept brand new stylists, estheticians, massage therapists, or nail technicians?

Absolutely, our associate program is created just for you!

What EXACTLY is an associate?

Have you ever wished you could learn how to grow your business, earn bonuses, receive a paycheck and earn your masters in your vocation? An associate program at E. Claire is just that. 

An associate is someone who has graduated from cosmetology, massage therapy, esthetician, or nail technician school already. They are looking to earn their equivalent of a Master’s degree in their equivalent vocation. As an associate you will have a mentor you work with as a second set of hands. You will color, massage, manicure, all side by side with your educator. 

How do I graduate from being an associate?

You earn your way to full shifts through opportunity nights. Your expectations will be set monthly at your Personal Development Meeting (PDM.)

I’ve been a licensed professional elsewhere already, do you expect me to go through the associate program too?

We respectfully ask you to go through a blended version based on your demand on time.

Does E. Claire accept experienced stylists, estheticians, massage therapists, or nail technicians?

Absolutely, We are looking for kind, open, and willing to learn individuals to join our team anytime!

What if I just want to come shadow?

You are welcome anytime, please just call or message us to let us know you are on your way.

What is your hiring process?

There is a meet and greet, interview and a shadow day. Then a two week working interview. 

The Working Interview is two weeks paid at minimum wage. You will learn our systems, from answering phones to making appointments to what’s expected of you. Your training will be time spent with your team to learn everyone’s personality. At the end of the two weeks, the team will vote to invite you permanently. 

We believe your team should choose you. Just as you should choose your team. 

How many days do I have to work? What is full time?

A full time employee is 28-36 hours a week. Your days per week should be decided on YOUR happiness factor. Do you need time to be home with family? Do you need to make a certain amount per month?

Will I have to work nights and weekends?

Your dream schedule is possible. We only require to things to make it happen: Smash goals, and have the space available.  

Do you offer benefits?

YES. We offer education benefits both in salon and fiscally, matched retirement, and paid vacation.

How often can I take vacation time?

How often do you need to refresh?

What is a teaching salon company?

Posting on our blog soon! 

How do I earn money?

You earn what you take home. We are hourly OR commission, whichever pay rate is higher. You can earn bonuses monthly and promotions as quickly as every three months. We love making money and having fun. Are you game?

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